Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Richard Shamoon

Richard Shamoon is a very successful entrepreneur in the automotive industry. He deals with pre-owned cars. He works and lives in Ontario in Toronto the Canada. He is one of the best salesperson for used cars you will ever meet. He has great customer service which he mixes with his charm. He always gives the best advice for exactly what you need. He further advises you on the steps to take to wrap the deal up. 
He previously worked with Chrysler car dealership. His professionalism propelled his selling of cars way above expectation. The business is an art of becoming the best player in the automotive market in the globe by adding value in sales. He mastered this art of selling quality products that made customers come back while bringing along new clients. 
Richard Shamoon shares some secrets he has used for his success: 
Use questions to sell rather than obsessing to sell the product or trying to convince the prospective client. By asking questions you will show the potential buyer the need of getting a pre-owned car. Try to genuinely understand your client and at the same time fascinate them to be able to close the deal.
Be keen to the body language of your client as this speaks volumes. This will help you discern your client’s mood to be able to tell if it is the best time to talk to them about your business. 
Ensure that you answer every question your client might have concerning the car. Emphasizing on praising the car will make it look like it’s too good to be true.
Sales pitch is very important in the automotive industry. The sales pitch to potential clients should not be hanging. Ensure that you indicate that the ball is in the client’s court and their response is what you are waiting for. 

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