Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Richard Shamoon

There is a fine line that distinguishes an entrepreneur from an ordinary sales person.
A true entrepreneur knows that sales is an art that combines the use of charm, interpersonal relations skill, enthusiasm and hardwork.
Richard Shamoon, a name associated to success in the field of car sales. Richard Shamoon is a successful businessman who during his early days worked as a sales representative for Chrysler. His impeccable sales skills made him reputable in the business.
Shamoon eventually made his way into second hand car sales business. According to him the automotive is among the most prosperous business across multinational economic systems. He notes that there are numerous opportunities in the said industry.
However, sales is a combination of convincing skills and social skills. Shamoon shares a couple of point to remember when selling not just cars but any sort of merchandise.
Sharnoons suggests:
1. Use Questions to Sell - Shamoon underscores the importance of not overdoing the selling part. He says one of the most important skills a businessman must learn is convincing clients while facinating them. Do not obsess over making the sale. Understand the clients genuinely. Learning what they truly want and need can take you to heights.
2. Use Questions to Sell - This strategy promotes dialogue. It makes clients feel they are included. It is not just you doing all the talking and the thinking. This way you form a relationship with them as individuals. Do not forget to react and pay attention to them and what they have to say.
3. Be Observant - Shamoon knows how to in between the lines. Decipher what your clients are not saying. Watch their actions. Sharnoons says one of the biggest mistakes of sales people is not paying attention to their clients. He suggests making a conscious effort to be involved in conversations.
4. Be Brief - Less is more Shamoon says the less you talk the more you get your message across. No need to go around the bush. Be precise. Get to the point. Allow your clients to absorb and think about what you said.
5. Engage Them To Take Action - Remember that you are doing all this for one reason, to sell. After all the sales strategies do not leave your client hanging. Make them feel like the ball is in their court. You are merely waiting for the next move them are about to make. Subtly let them know that you are awaiting a response.

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