Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Richard Shamoon is a successful entrepreneur in the automotive industry. He has been in this business for over 25 years specializing in pre-owned or second-hand cars. He is the best salesperson amassing vast experience and understanding of the buyers and changing market drifts in the industry. Any dealer in the second-hand cars or one wishing to invest in it should follow his tips to achieve success.
1. Develop a broad range of personal skills the automotive industry, success is dependent on the range of personal skills that you develop. These skills ensure that you are in a position to work in a high-pressure environment where the specific clients specifications and demands of time are imperative. Having empathy, however, does not amount to being sympathetic.
2. Be empathetic According to Shamoon, a good salesperson must have the following two primary qualities: ego drive and empathy. The ability to feel. Having empathy is the most important ability allowing you to feel as the other person does so as to sell him the service or product.
 3. Use personal sellingPersonal selling is an important method that you can use to increase sales. Other features, however, make this deal appealing and relevant. It gives you a chance to view and evaluate the product from the consumer as well as that of the producer perspective.

 4. Venture into the tourism industry. With the increase in the desire to travel, the tourism industry has experienced a facelift. The business no longer depends on peak seasons and holidays. It is an industry that consistently makes a profit all through the year Conclusion Richard Shamoon attracts his customers by providing transparent, authentic and reliable information about the car he intends to sell. He believes that each salesperson should be enthusiastic, hardworking and have an inner motivation to make him fit for the task.

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