Monday, 27 June 2016

Richard Shamoon – Automotive business in digital industry

Unique to Automotive Company is its variety of services and its dedication to value. With the client first mentality, Automotive RichardShamoon Company will offer every customer with service that will surpass expectations. 
Automotive Richard Shamoon Company also maintains an on-call option for all of its customers, willing to drive to servicing as well. Coupled with its current client base satisfaction, Automotive Company will offer a clean, friendly environment and with the honesty that many consumers require.  
Offering both product and service is unique as a small business, as it compares too many larger scaled automotive companies. This offers Automotive Company another competitive advantage, as he will be able to maintain products without going beyond retail value, and keep with required demand. 
Competition within the aftermarket is typically divided between small, independent businesses and large franchised corporations. Though both have their benefits, consumers generally prefer independent owned companies.
An independent study conducted by Wiese Research Associates Inc. within the United States found that independent neighborhood auto repair shops scored higher in 5 of 7 categories of the study.

Premium OEMs in particular have pursued a strategy of allowing for consumer customization of their products by providing an increasing Number of options and variants. The result has been very complex product structures, often with hundreds of thousands of possible combinations. At those numbers, there are real limits to the economic sense of this approach in providing “consumer choice.” Additionally, too many choices can result in confusion, and effectively no consumer choice at all. Rather than asking the question of what the most important elements of choice are to the customer and concentrating only on those, the industry has focused on various business and engineering processes to more effectively manage the large numbers of possibilities it is creating. Product structure management with Boolean expressions, variant management, modularization, and platforms.

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