Friday, 15 July 2016

Richard Shamoon – A Strategic Business Advisor

The increasing complexities of agency mission needs, the global marketplace, resource constraints, and a demand for results-based acquisition, require acquisition professionals to think and act differently than they do today.  They must perform at a higher strategic level and have a broader skill set from that of the past.  Our current acquisition environment requires acquisition professionals to function as Strategic Business Advisors who can exercise sound business judgment and apply sophisticated reasoning, in addition to, compliance with rules and regulations.
RichardShamoon developed this course to teach the Strategic Business Advisor skill set.  Our course describes the roles, responsibilities, and steps needed to successfully become a business advisor.  Our curriculum is designed to enable students to achieve the following key learning objectives:
• Understand the significance of contracting to agency missions
• Define and understand the role of the Strategic Business Advisor
• Provide a path for developing business acumen
• Recognize the value of and how to apply necessary interpersonal skills
• Understand the government-industry dynamic
• Provide an overview for managing for results

In today’s complex business environment, all acquisition professionals must be well versed in the tools, techniques, and processes of acquisition. We teach appropriate application of essential tools to maximize program success. We focus on producing results, not following prescriptions—we leverage technical and market knowledge and skills to solve acquisition challenges that deliver exceptional results. We go beyond the N courses to develop critical business skills.   Our approach is designed to foster lasting learning by helping students put theory into practice and building competencies that can be applied immediately to existing and future acquisition challenges.

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